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soo upset and angry Lock Rss

I just got off the phone to a ****.

A few weeks ago, the people who are contracted to mow the lawns and stuff here at the block of flats we live in were here doing their job.. One of the guys pulled the ride on mower up next to my car. (i saw him do it) and when i went out there 5 mins later the back window was smashed, I am in the process of trying to sell this car for Xmas money.
I sent a letter to the owners who hired them.. they sent a letter to them and then they told me i had to call the guy who owns the company who did the work.
So i called him.. he screamed his head off at me... called me an idiot, and told me that if i send his insurance company a letter he would make sure i got nothing.
He said just because i told him they were there doesn't mean i smashed my own windows and blamed him.

I said why would i do that for? i am trying to sell the car..

He also said if i didn't want my property damaged then i should move my car elsewhere out of my own drive way because the property i pay A LOT of rent for is just public property.

I am so angry

I called back the owners crying and told them what the guy said.. they are really angry now and have told me to write a letter of demand and send it to them so they can get it to the insurance company, (edited)

I have seen 3 of a mans fingers severed because of a flying rock from one of those things.. how can he say that rocks don't fly out..

I have pictures which i have sent as proof too. i am soo angry
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I hope this all works out for you..but maybe you should be writing down everything that happened dates and times etc, because it is basically your word against his, and since he sounds quiet nasty it might help to have a record of whats happened so far.
Ooh that would boil my blood.

Businesses have the rule 'You break it you fix it', same applies to them.

Car windows DO smash from flying rocks. It happened to our car on our block of land while we were mowing it. Only difference was it was our fault so we had to fix it. Not only does a broken window cost money its an inconvenience.

Good luck with your quest

Ok.....I don't want to start a fight and so you know I hope you do get your window fixed as it probably was the mowing that caused the issue but......................Just because the guy hires people with Downs Syndrome doesn't mean he is not paying them right. They earn just as much as you or I for the proportion of work they are doing.

The person employing him has tojump through so many hoops to pay less then you or I. How do I know this, beause I have worked for a disability service in the ACT that does mowing and floristy deliveries, has a cut cloth buisness and a pack and post service. Yes a lot of the workers are not earning the "full" wage this is due to the deamed percentage of the job that they can do, if the improve they earn more and they do have to be tested by an outsider so there is no cutting corners. The people with downs syndrom are out there making a contribution to the community and I must say those that are lucky enough to be able to leave their home to go to work like all of us are very very happy. They have to be properly trained and they do need to be supervised.

While it may seam trivial and sound like I am trying to start an argument I am just standing up for those that need a little help. I must say that the owners behaviour is awful but if every business could find one job for a person with a disability then our world would be a better place.

I have heard this guy talk to them he is nasty.. and he told a neighbour he doesn't have to pay them alot this is why i know he is dodgy... these boys he hires are not supervised while operating heavy machinery.

I don't care that the boys are downs i care that my window is smashed and this guy is a ****

Yeah i agree Downs sufferers should be able to work just like everyone else.. i think its good that they get given the opportunity to work like regular Aussies.. that wasn't the focus of my point about Downs people.. my focus was that this guy is dodgy and i wouldn't have made the statement that he isn't paying them right if he hadn't of made the comment he did to my neighbour
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There are inappropriate and offensives generalisations in this post regarding people with disabilities. I think you need to reword it as a matter of urgency.
Posted by: Nooey
ok this post has got me so fired up i dont know where to begin

Firstly sorry your car was damaged but how dare you sit there and say because he hires people with downs syndrome he doesnt pay them right and they cant string a sentence together where the hell do you get off?

My aunty in law has down syndrome and she works for a mower service, She gets paid very well. She can definately string a sentence together, People with down syndrome are often very shy, They DO HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO " OPERATE HEAVE MACHINARY"

I honestly disgusted by this post! Have you ever spoken to anyone that works with him? Have you seen them "operate heavy machinary?"

Man you need to pull your head in

Of course i have spoken to them!!.. and do you realise there are many types of Downs syndrome? some of them sufferers can operate machinery.. but the guys he hires shouldn't be .. some downs have more severe disabilities that others.. yes some are functional but some aren't and he hired the ones who aren't
My comment about being able to string a sentence together was correct in the fact that these boys can't do that.. a lot of Downs can i do know this.. but once again some can do what others can't.

He would not be legally allowed to hire a person who could not operate heavy machinary, some live with parents others in homes so the carers or parents would know about this guy and company, If they couldnt put a sentence together they wouldnt be employed, You see even people with downs have to do job interviews
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like i said.. the guy is a dodgy guy.. and again he hired them to take advantage.. he can tell the carers whatever he wants they aren't there to see what they do.

I have seen this with my own eyes.. and he has admitted that he can get away with paying less..

Ok I have worked with people who can not string a sentance togeather yet they can operate a chainsaw......but that is not why I am posting again. If you feel that this guy is dodge then you can contact a couple of people, your local council, you local govement dept for disabilities or the discrimination tribunal. They can all take your case and follow it up.

I will say though this guy may just be talking ti up - I have known many private employees/ers that do this because it makes them seem and feel big. And yes the careers would know what is happening as it is a legal requirement for this guy - even if he says he isn't to do the legal thing if not you have the responsibility to find the right people to talk to.

Saying that you should move your car out of your driveway if don't want it damaged sounds like an admission to me. He knew where the car was parked and that it would be hard to get vehicles around it.

Good luck with everything.It is horrible when people try and take advantage - have a sense of responsibility!!

Just wondering, if your car is parked at your flat, isn't that considered private property, not public? If your car was in it's allocated spot then there shouldn't be a drama reguarding the company fixing it...sounds like they are just trying to bully you. If it is PUBLIC property then the council should be maintaining it. And I know that they would fix any damage if they caused it as my MIL was driving down a road when a flying rock put a huge dint in her car. Don't let the company get away with not fixing it.

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