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To my SS thankyou so much i recieved my gift and iabsolutely LOVE it, I will deff find a place to put it away from little kiddies!!!!!!! And the Magnet just love it and soooo my style!!!!! THANKYOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!

Now to find out who you are!!!!!

Edited because its I absolutely love it not because its absolutely love it haha
[Edited on 28/11/2007]

WOW I wasn't expecting you to get it so soon. Australia post has managed to impress me LOL.

I'm glad you like your present.

Now you get to start guessing to try and find my identity hahahahaha
I have a feeling you may be pugbrat because i think your the only one i told about like windchimes!!!! Am i close?

ROFL Got it in one Babe LOL.

It was gonna be a bit hard to keep it a secret after that but I'm glad you like it. And there I was thinking I was pretty sneaky finding out what you might like too LOL.
LOL its gorgeous, Thankyou so much.... You were good at being sneaky hehe..

Now i can show DF that i got a pressy and he didnt and rub it in his face lmao!!!!


ROFL Yeah rub it in goooood I say.

I am sooo gonna get myself one of those magnets too.

It says:

Housework won't kill you.

But why take the chance. LMAO
so my kinda thing that Magnet hehe

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