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I would like silky soft hair please Lock Rss

Can anyone recommend a GREAT shampoo and Conditioner for me.

i dont like to use Pantene cos of the silicone it leaves in your hair (rumour ive heard many times) .

I currently use a Salon one but its sooooooo $$$$$

So i just want a regular, off the shelf one.

I was thinking Swarzkoff (sp) or Sunsilk?

And especially good for coloured hair too.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I find the tresseme(sp) brand great! and it last for ages too. I am currently using dove and hate it but dh has put his foot down about all the 1/2 used bottles in the cupboard.

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Ok normally I use Stefan shampoo and conditioner which I find beautiful, but at times I also use the Palmolive one and also tresseme(sp?) which are both really nice as well - they both smell gorgeous and I found gave me nice soft, shinny hair - I guess it also depends on your hair type too but for me I found them both to be pretty good.

Oh not a salon one. I use Redken 'All Soft' and it's fantabulous. Either that or Loreal Professional Vitamino Colour, but they're both the same price $24 each.

I also like the 'Frizz Ease' Or PPS, for a cheaper alternative. Price Attack often have great specials leading up to Christmas, and I tend to stock up then.

See i have used the Tresseme one before, and i got thru bout 1/4 bottle and couldnt use it anymore, it dried my hair out heaps!

My hair is really fine, prob doesnt help that i colour it! But i find i have to change shampoos bout every 3 months or my hair starts to dry for some reason.

it just feels yuck. I want that soft hair!!!!!!!! lol

yeah i heard the same thing about pantene, but i really like it..

I use herbal essences all the time its great, smells good and leaves my hair all nice and soft.

about $6-$7 so its still a little pricey but not as much as some other brands.

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Teapot, where is the Redken one from? ive heard of this one a few times, do i get it from Woolies? I dont mind paying a lil bit for it, as long as it works!

My hairdresser told me that sunsilk is just as bad as pantene. Which is a shame cos i love sunsilk but no longer use it.

She recommended treseme to me as being one of the better ones, also PPS which i love but is a bit pricey, not as bad as some but up there!! I also love herbal essence !

I use the herbal essence mmmm love it... and Makes my hair nice and shiny and smooth and smells soooo pretty

Redken is salon specialist only Zebby. I think price attack have it too, but its definately a salon one. I have loads of hair, shoulder length, but the set usually lasts me 2mths or more - that's with the kids using it too. (I'm a bit fussy and only use salon stuff on their hair too).

*edit* I wash my hair everyday too!
[Edited on 29/11/2007]
Yeah YM2B, i really like Pantene, but my friend and hairdresser told me to wash my hair twice with Sunlight Soap and use a diff Shampoo for a week, and god my hair felt great! Its so tempting to go back to Pantene tho! lol

Ive used Herbal Essence too, its a good one, but i still find i have to change after a while. grrrr

Also i have been told you shouldn't use the same one all the time, you should alternate between washes... I always have two different ones on the go!

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