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Ok so some of you will know we were hit by a tow truck while on holidays in Sydney, anyways the idiot isnt taking the blame for the accident anymore (stupid pig) We dont have insurance on DF's car because its all zooped up and lowered but not with king springs so the insurance companys wont touch him. Anyways so we have been getting quotes all week to send away to the insurance company and out of 5 quotes 4 people have said its a write off because the damage is sooooo close to the fuel tank. Anyways we still have to send away the fact they think its a write off and then wait for the insurance investogater (sp) to say whose at fault... We all know he is but hes just a ... So anyways if they say he is to blame then write the car off they will only give him market value of the car STOCK STANDARD the car isnt stock standard so he would get maybe 3 grand for the darn car that is worth almost 8. Im sooooo not happy and needed to vent thanks for listening to me!
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I am sorry that you had the accident, but what did you really expect would happen if the car was in an accident and you didn't have insurance? The insurance company would only pay what the car was registered under.

How time flies!!

I know what you mean...

My DP has a commodore that is all done up blah blah, and he is only on his p's (only coz he was stupid enough to drag race and get caught when we had broken up) and so he can't get insurance either. Maybe in my name I could (full licence) but they still won't cover what it is really worth all up grrrr. so thats why DP uses my car for work and next week he is getting an extension on his loan to fix up a little buzz box car for him to use.

I think insurance companies suck, and are too rough on people.
Contrary to popular belief im not an idiot, I do understand what is happening but i am mad at it, Its not out fault the moron hit us and his insurance company will be paying for damages, Yes if it was our fault we would be paying but its not so he is... Jeez i would never have thought that if my car wasnt insured i would be in trouble duhhhh

That really does suck... i feel for you hopefully you guys can at least get the car's original value it's better than nothing
forgot to add that our car is echo turbo powered & the insuarance companies wanted to charge an extra $700 for not at fault on top of the 2,500 (my ex had a couple at fault accidents) so our car isnt insured if we cause the accident but other cars are covered
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Bella is expecting a new sibling in 6 months :0)

I think that Nooey and her DF weighed up the options that if they were at fault they would have to pay up.
I don't think it is their fault that the insurance company wouldn't cover them.
Many insurance companies wont cover motorbikes but that is not their fault either.
Nooey posted asking for support.
So Nooey hang in there sweets, I hope it all gets sorted out for you soon, minus a few headaches.

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What a bummer. I hope you get it sorted but sorry it doesnt look to good for you guys.Still sucks tho.

DP put 19inch rims on his car and even tho he was insured if he had an accident the insurance company wouldnt pay anything as he had modified his car.

Helen & Lexi

Exactly Mowgs it sucks sooo much, I mean DF knew these were the risks of doing his car up but you know boys and their toys!

Thanks for the support guys!!!!!!!!

My DP has no sense of money. He brought the rims and then regretted it. He sold the car to his brother and then turned around and said to me "can I put rims on our car, it would make the car look sexy"?!?! pfftt the answer was no!! I'd rather spend my money on other things.

Dont worry karma will come round to the idiot that hit you smile

Helen & Lexi

my DF sounds like your DP's twin, He has no idea and no care in the world... My car has full comp insurance and i said we will take my car as its stock standard and if anything happens we will be right... I know what you mean DF is always like lets paint your car and get you all these things, Im like no thanks it needs to get me from a to b and fit the kids and the shopping ill be right haha

I cant wait for Karma to bit the idiot on the ass

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