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Hi Ladies, can anyone tell me roughly how long it takes to get from Melbourne to Sydney?


I think flying its about 2 hours, not sure bout driving sorry

I think its about 10 - 12 hours in the car?? Just a rough guess i could be way out... lol

yeah i think its about 9-10 hours

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I just googled it and it came up 961km so I am guessing round the 10hour mark give or take
I would say between 10 and 12 hours - we did it about 2½ years ago. It would depend on how many beaks you have though!
I have just done the drive from Melbourne to Sydney and its roughly around 9/10 hours from Melbourne im about 4 hours from Melbourne so it took us a little longer!!!!

Flying is about an hour and a half!

Wow, thats a long way. We have puppies for sale and there is a guy coming form Melbourne to buy one.

well its 10 hours from Canberra to Melbourne.. and its 3 hours from Canberra to Sydney.. so 14ish hours? counting petrol stops and traffic give or take.
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It would be around 14-15 hrs if you stop to eat and fillup , I did the drive from mornington to wollongong and it took me 12hrs , I drove all night stopped twice for fuel and macdonals at yass . Flighing was 1 1/2 sooo much faster .

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It is a 10hr drive from melbourne to sydney and if you are flying it takes just on hour and half..
im planning a 'road trip' holiday and i use a website called you can actually get directions, type in like melbourne to sydney and it can tell you how many km's and an estimated time it would take to drive there iykwim, its a good site i use it heaps!

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