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Does amyone know...... Lock Rss

Where huggies might be able to buy a new server from?????

cos the one theyve got is stuffed!!!!!

its getting a bit bloody ridiculous! surely the problem cant be that hard to fix!?

oh and whats with these new symbols/icons (love hearts and suns) in everyones names??
Huggies is stuffed and arent they pretty thank victoria for them!

Can't help with the server but the icons thing - that was ME! LOL! I found out how to do it - it is in the thread called 'my new username' down the page a bit from here - explains how to do it!
I L?VE your one Nooey!
Hehe thanks i used the character map in my comp and copy and pasted it hehehe then used your pretty Icons

well nice mew names girls, very pretty indeed!!

so, anyone else got a server they could lend til the IT team pulls thier finger out??!!?
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