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anybody wanna be my friend?? Lock Rss

hey all i feel like a stranger here and would like some online buddies anyone wanna be my friend?? sad i am a loner here like always

come join in our huggies mums thread, everyone is welcome there!!
hi, just jump in any thread and speak away u will get friends trust me i did hehe

I'll be your friend, I notice you are usually on here when I am..
I'll be your friend..Pm me if you like...Karli
hey bump..did you get your bbq in the end...did the guy get the price down?
Hey I'm new to forum and would love to chat. I have a nine month old girl and am an older mum. Have only done a couple of posts and had no responses.
yeah i did got the price down. also got an 80 dollar BBQ kit for 30 aswell. they are going to deliver it sometime next week.

Hey debral i am a young mum to be, but get heaps of practise with my DP lil one. He is two. but anyway i have done heaps of post that tend to get abandoned.

Posted by: Sharoo
I'll be your friend, I notice you are usually on here when I am..

thanks heaps. it has been driving me insane not to have anyone to really talk too on here

Hey bump n bub. Looks like you are a bargain shopper like me Thanks for the response. Look forward to chatting.
there was a big issue involved with the BBQ i think they only did it to keep me quiet. too bad i was already on here chucking a hissy fit

Have you got your new bbq yet?
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