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Need Help please on games for baby shower.. Lock Rss

Hi..Anyone..Would love some help on games to play at showers..Would love any different ideas than the tray game with items on it and then you write down what you remember..Something you can get a laugh out of..PLEASE HELP..Thanks Kylie..


u could buy a ball of wool and each person cuts a length off, and who ever gets the closest to the size of the mothers waist wins a prize.
you could also play a game where you taste baby food and then guess what it is,,

if you wana get a bit raunchy then you can cut out girls bits and boys bits out of paper and see who can stick it the closest to the mothers belly button or pubic bone, use sticky tape-not pins LOL.

you could have a nappy folding competition using serviettes

you could see who can balance a cup on their tummie the best without spilling anything(the pregnant ones always win that one. LOL)

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At my baby shower everyone had to bring a baby photo of themselves. My sister collected them as we arrived so noone saw them and we had to guess who is who. It was alos a great conversation point.

I also went to a baby shower where everyone was given three nappy pins to put on their shirts. Throughout the party you were not allowed to say the word 'baby'. If you did whoever picked it up took one of your pins. At the end of the party whoever had the most pins won. It was quite difficult remembering not to say "baby' and listening to make sure others didn't- quite fun.

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Hi kylie01, not sure if you have seen this old post but I bumped it up for you try this link. Its in the Pregnancy site.

Hope you have heaps of fun!
have a baby doll that the mum to be & grandma have to dress blindfolded ask everyone to bring a photo of themself as a baby & everyone is to guess who is who

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I looked up games on the internet. Found heaps at:

Hope it helps

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