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How do I get rid of silver fish???? Rss

Does anyone have any ideas how to rid my house of silverfish??? They're in the ceiling I think but they come through the exhaust fan in the kitchen onto my stove and cooking surfaces. We've had the whole house sprayed but they're still EVERYWHERE!!! they gross me out so much.

[Edited on 04/12/2007]
I had to get a pest control company in to spray them. They were everywhere. It took 3 goes before all the horrid little critters were gone.
3 GOES!!! I can't afford that. Damn it. Do you reckon if I put those bombs in the ceiling once a week for a few weeks that would help????
I only paid the first time. Because they didn't get rid of them they came out twice for free. It was all in about a 6 month time frame. The bombs do jack s hit if you have an infestation of the little buggers.
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