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Entree's Rss

Soup, garlic bread, mini samosas and spring rolls, chips and dip etc... smile

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

the restaurant way of things is to do a salad type of thing or a lighter, smaller version of a main meal.

the whole deep fry thing is more of an appetizer, i think.

but to CTC the whole deal, if you're cooking, you do whatever you please.
hi stephanea, what are you cooking for the main meal?
We always have seafood - lobster thermadore, or prawn cocktails, or oysters.

Goodness, I can't believe those others don't.
I don't eat an enree ..maybe garlic bread if that counts..
If I eat entree then can't have I choose better than any entree i reckon..
It really depends on what we are having for a main meal normally we would have a garden salad,soup,garlic bread.
I would say Soup is a good entree.. Can't really think of anyhting else!!
Cream cheese, topped with sliced avocado adn then topped with slices of smoked salmon - yum!


So what have you decided on stephane, what pre dinner drinkies to go with it? What type of coffee are you making for after dinner?? You didn't end up with many suggestions!!

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