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HELP! How to get rid of pets without having to put them down. Lock Rss

I have a dog before I get pregnant, I dont know how to find him a good home. I went on the rspca site they have pets for adoption but you cant put your pet up for adoption.

But now we just dont have time for him with the baby and all. and he is very aggressive toward children. He growls and tries to attack them. I dont know what would happen if he ever get into the house and find bub. is an accident waiting to happen. His very playful and good company for adult but when it comes to kid I think he sense they are vulnerable..


In WA they have a place called K9 rescue, Im assuming other states have the same or very similar, where you take your pets to, just explain the situation and that he should be placed in a family with no kids....
I just email them and rspca but rspca seems like they only take injured or cruelly treated strays

rspca can take animals that need a new home, you pay a fee to leave them there, but sad to say they only get like 21 days to find a new home, then they have no choice but to put them down, they don't have the facilities to store them any longer than that. And they have to pass I think 2 vet checks before they can be rehomed aswell.
plaster some signs up around your local shops, with a nice photo. that may help. hee hee chelle yes good advice dont take advice from a certain someone?

Maybe put a "free to good home" ad in the local paper? And put in it "better suited to adult carers" or something similar? Good luck!
I found a site you can list your pet yourself but to register I need a email thats not hotmail, gmail, yahoo or any free email. Why is everything so hard?

To make matters worse my partner just gave him a really BAD hair cut. He looks like a sheep more then a dog


Well there are a few options for you take him to your local pound and surrender him or advertise him "free to good home"

Try these websites

I hope these help you out , the best response you will get will be from the petlink one.

I wish you all the best in finding him a home
Oh the petlink one you brought email eg optus, bigpond etc no hotmail , yahoo.

I have any account with them and if you want I could put an add up for you and just provide your email address as contact.
Let me know
Be come a member of the local FREECYCLE group (just google freecycle and your area) and put it there. Its great
u cant put animals on free cycle, there is always the paper, or a sign out the front of your house
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