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HELP! How to get rid of pets without having to put them down. Rss

if you give it to the RSPCA they will put it through a series of tests to find out how agressive it is ...if it turns out the animal is to aggressive to be rehoused then they will unfortunatly put him down !!

good Luck ....we had the same trouble with my puppy ..but it turned out ok in the end was totally our fault .we spoiled this pup and when I bought Luke home i would breast feed with him on my lap ...I should have treated him more like a dog instead of a fur baby and we would ahve been ok ....he now sleeps out side and he eats outside aswell ,in a part of the yard that is fenced off from Lukey !!
it is hard, i thought mums dog would be hard when we brough rhylie home, we were living there, but he wouldnt go near him, wouldnt touch his mat on the floor or his toys. he did steal a few of the squeeky ones though lol
Some local Vets have an adoption service..

I had to use this as when my baby was born my can went bonkers and would wee in food and on shopping and so on.. so i had to take him to our local vet who had an adoption service, they were lovely about it.

You have to tell them though that your dog is unfriendly toward children, or maybe before you do it, see if the RSPCA will so the Aggression test like Luke's Mum suggested. then if its too high he has to go to sleep because you can't risk him getting out of his new owners home and him hurting a kid,
If he is ok to be rehoused.. Check with your local vet or put an add in the paper, or even on

I have bought and sold heaps of stuff on that site... its free too

you have an obligation to have this animal put down. If you are fully aware that he is agressive towards your child then what will stop him from being aggressive towards another child? The RSPCA would put him down if he is seen to be agressive as would other dog rescue centres, if he doesnt have the temperment to be adopted out then they will put him down.

You cannot get rid of this "problem" and wipe your hands clean. Even if he is adopted to a family without children, what happens, when unknowingly they take him for a walk in the park, take him off the lead for a little while and he attacks a child? Who is responsible, you, the unknowing new owner, who?

i am sorry but your post has angered me a little. This dog needs to be put to sleep so ALL children are safe, not just yours........

Hey I say just leave the side gate open....


hmmm better not....

good luck in finding you puppy a new home....

I totally agree with you Hello Girlies! Naomi T here......
I could never live with the fact that a child can get hurt because of him. But my partner is thinks im just too paranoid and that he is fine. But you can never trust a dog they might seem ok one minute but what if a child puts his tail and he attacks?

I will take him to RSPCA to get him to take the test to on the safe side. Do I have to book or just bring him in any shelter?

g0rgeouz, thats great, I would ring them and see what they say. be upfront about it. Sometimes the RSPCA can be a little rude (only my experience) but stand strong that you are being responsible about your dog. Let us know what happens...

well i am a massive animal lover and can't stand the thought of having an animal put down for being exactly that, an animal.

if this dog is not good around children, shelters etc will still take it as long as they are made aware of it so that they can rehome it to someone who does not have children and has experience with dogs that have "issues"

I really hope that you are able to give it to someone who will be able to take care of it.
i know others have said the dog should be put down but if there is a safe alternative, i think you should at least look into it before resorting to ending the animals life.

There are many childless families out there who have experience handling dangerous breeds and/or rehabilitating animals that have social behaviour problems and i hope that someone can help you.

Just google search and you will find plenty of organisations for each state.

good luck

edited to add: not ALL shelters will still take the dog if they are aware he is aggressive towards children, such as the local council/pound but there are MANY that will if you look into it...just so i dont get my head bitten off
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Hey I say just leave the side gate open....


hmmm better not....

good luck in finding you puppy a new home....

lmao!!!! I tried this and the little bugger kept comming back !! lol lol lol
hey lilemma, I agree if there is a safe way to not put him down, then fantastic! If he goes to a person who is experienced with agro dogs and knows the animlas true history then sensational. I dont beleive in taking his life as a first resort, but for the safety of a child, I do!!!

maybe ask around at farms or properties with lots of space for him to run around.

A farm is a good idea tho cos there will be other aminals around so he might tame down?

just a thought....

i dont like animals being put down for just being animals like lil emma said too!
when it comes to the safety of a child/children i absolutely agree but i think there is always another alternative or at least, it should be looked in to.

and if someone with experience does take the dog, they would know not to let them off their leash when walking etc.

i have two "dangerous breeds" of dog and even though i know them to be sweet members of the family, i do not let them off their lead in a public place where families are about because it is the owners responsibility to ensure the safety of those around them and i would never forgive myself if something was to happen to somebody else due to my negligence. Dogs cant be blamed for their actions. There bad behaviour usually stems from something their owners did wrong in the first place.
so i do agree but i still hope that all avenues are looked into before resorting to it being put down.
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