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I was just wondering if any mums out there with children with ADD. I really need help in the discipline area and need some really good ideas...

becky,mum of 4,qld

ADD is really draining on both the child and parent... Depending on your son's age there are different strategies which could help you both manage, but most importantly you need a strict routine and consistent set of boundries. If your son's at school/kindy ask his teachers what strategies they use so you can use the same at home.

Some children also respond quite positively to a change in diet, (so you're not needing to discipline as much) maybe you could discuss this with your doctor.

Triple P also have a course (I'm sure it is free of charge) which could help you in this area too.

I hope that one of these avenues will help you in some way.

All the best


mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

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