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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have a 3 week old daughter who I want to have a great first christmas as her older brother did 2 years ago with lots of presents etc, but my problem is that all the toys i bought for my sons first christmas are still in excellent condition and it doesnt leave a lot left to buy for her. I keep seeing things to buy my son but dont want to feel like he is getting more. I know its sort of early but because i didnt know if i was having a boy or a girl during pregnancy i wasnt able to layby anything for the newborn and feel that Christmas is going to be here before i know it. What can I buy or give her for Christmas
Any Suggestions would be great

I think this first christmas all she might be interested in will be the boxes or the paper.

I know with my twin neice and nephew - they were 7 months at their first christmas and could have cared less about the actual presents - all the wanted to play with was the wrapping paper/boxes and the chicken bones from our lunch.

I know I going to have the same situation with Jacob - he will be 1 on 30 December so I suspect he may only be interest in the non-essential presents this year.

However - I have next year to really make it up to him.

Good Luck in whatever you decide - but remember - the memories of her first christmas will last forever and be more priceless than any present or peice of wrapping paper. Don't forget to take her for her photo with Santa.
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