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Sleeping to long??? Lock Rss

Hi all,
OK you all might think I am crazy worrying if my 4 mth baby is sleeping too long through the night, but she sometimes sleeps up to 13 hours and I am wondering if she could be getting dehydrated?
During the day she is alert and thriving.
Does anyone elses baby sleep this long at night?

Mum, Amber 11yrs and Holly 4mths

hi well when my daughter was about 3/12 mths old she used to sleep anywhere between12 and 13 hrs a night i never worried about her if she was hungry or thirsty she would wake up i just wish now she still slept that long no hope of that with the teeth.

wow what a great little sleeper!

I would have thought if she is thirsty/hungry she would wake up!

Our son is 8 months now but would have been sleeping that long at 4 months don't be concerned though!

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

hey guys,
thanks for your replies.

Mum, Amber 11yrs and Holly 4mths

oops, just noticed. that should be sleeping TOO long

Mum, Amber 11yrs and Holly 4mths

from 2 months old my daughter has been sleeping 10-15 hours she is now nearly two and still only a milk baby. never stressed if they want you they will wake up.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

my bubs has slept like this as well since 8 weeks old nothing to worry they will wake if hungry or thirsty - my clinic sister said to make sure plenty of fluid during the day and lots of water if possible - my bubs sleeps used to sleep from 6.00pm to 4.00am now he sleeps 7.30pm to any where between 4.00am and 6.00am.

count your lucky stars some people say to me - what does your bubs nap like during the day???????????
bye for now
janine wa

Janine WA 16mth boy

Did I read it right nearly 2yo and only having milk.

Therese,5 Children

My DD is now 1, she has been sleeping through the night from about 4 months.
As long as your daughter is a happy little girl there is gernerally nothing to worry about.
Go by there mood & how happy they are.

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