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Put me in Prison i am a criminal LOL Lock Rss

My partner and i went out this evening for some late night xmas shopping, i went into Kmart to pick up some xmas clothes and shoes for Tristan, and while i was there i finally found one of those baby laptops i have wanted for ages for him.
So i put the laptop in the basket under my pram, and hung the clothes and shoes by their hooks from the handle and went and payed for them.
When i was already in a different shop after i had left Kmart, i realised i had not payed for the laptop!!!

I didn't mean to steal it i really forgot Tristan was playing up and i was tired and i just walked out..
What gets me is i walked out through their register and it has the alarm there.. it didn't work.

LOL so yeah chuck in me in jail coz i am a crim now tongue

LOL whoopsies!
Don't they check prams???
All the shops I go to do.. maybe I just look suss.
oh i did that the other day, but it was only with a 2ltr bottle of coke! LOL

I find i have on a few times gotten to the car an unpacked the pram only to realise that i hadnt paid for something, i never intentionally (sp) do it, it is like you said, kids driving ya bonkers, and ya just forget...

Out of sight Out of mind hey!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

they are meant to.. i wish they had so i would have been able to pay lol

hehe its easy to do especially when bubs is acting up, Geez my hubby and I were in kmart once and we picked up a DVD rack wandered for a while, hubby holding rack bubs started to winge so we walked out past the girl at the door, she checked the nappy bag ect and it wasnt till we got to the car when hubby realised he was still holding the rack...not paid for....ooppps. At one large chain store in my area they have the security cameras installed but they never run them as it is too expensive ????What the???? Whats the point of them then?
Cheers Ness
So I'm guessing that if you were still in the shopping complex when you realised, then you went back and paid for it.
i think almost everyone's done this by accident !! i have but when i realised i go back to the store and they just look at me funny as if why did u come back ! they made me feel sooo stupid as if i should have kept going ! i was just trying to do the right thing! and i feel soo guilty if i don't take it back not that it's happened much ! lol

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

I've done this, but with little things. I'm guessing this laptop was worth between $500-1000? You're planning on taking it back aren't you?

who hasnt done that.

so many times i put things in the pram and forget about it.

im sure they wont miss it.

its not worth that much gling gling, its just a kids one probably no more than $50, but correct me if im wrong.
oh a baby laptop, sorry didn't read that. No more then $50? Guess that makes it ok not to return it then lol....not

I've done it occasionally but only with small things like a deoderant bottle or packet of food etc when grocery shopping. I got an extra toy in a layby once too so some poor person probably paid for it and didn't get it. The guy must have packed it in the black bag after I left cos I certainly didn't put it there.
im not sure i would return a $1000 laptop if i got away with not paying lol.

i think the guilt would kill me.

i think the only thing i didnt return that i accidently walked out with was some t-towels, i didnt realise until i got home and they were only worth about $5 so i though bugger it.
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