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Hi. My daughter has been very energetic all her life. She still has to have a nap during the day, Can not sit still long enough to eat tea, and if we don't do something physical at least every second day she drives me nuts and keeps being naughty.
I find it really hard to keep up. We also have a 15 month old daughter who also tries to keep up but usually gets hurt as she is not fast enough yet.
She used to wake up every night(at least twice or more) but we are trying to get her out of this as I can not handle the broken sleeps. My husband doesn't tolerate her bad behaviour when she is tired at night and ends up yelling at her and telling me its my fault 'cause she hasn't had a sleep. (he's not much of a help, usually playing sport or working) so it is pretty much up to me.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had some ideas. I tried play centres, but that is too expensive now. I tried gymnastics and calisthenics but that got too expensive.
Please help

Tania,Vic,2 girls 4 1/2 yrs & 22 month old

Hi JaznMel, I know exactly how you feel. If I dont keep my 3 year old entertained he becomes totally out of control...LOL. I also have a 4 month old so you know what my house can become some days. Thankfully my son goes to day care 3 days a week but that is expensive. Have you tried any playgroups. This is the web site where you can locate the closest one to you I am not sure if there is a charge. I know that some library have a reading day where someone gets dressed up in a costume and the kids love it. If not perhaps you could put a notice up somewhere in a park or shopping centre asking for people to meet in a park. You wouldnt need to leave a contact number or any personal details just a day and time and to bring along some lunch. That way you would have to buy or pay for anything.

Just some thoughts but I will be checking this post to see what other mums do as I need tips too.
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