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wrong section BUT silicone or latex??? Lock Rss

Color Hey was just wondering what is better to use with dummies
i was dummy shopping yesterday and there were options of latex and silicone avaliable in the Nuk product is one better then the other or is it pretty much the same
i have bought the baby Nuk bottles (he better like em cause they are expensive)
i just thought i would stick to the same dummy brand and i was stumped when i seen the two choices
any opinions on one or the other

I got latex to start with but discovered DS preferred silicone - so we've been getting that ever since. He also has only ever had the orthodontic ones, but I know some kids will only use the cherry shaped ones so that's another thing you'll have to experiment with!!!
The best ones for a baby are Happy Baby cherry shaped soother. The hospitals endorse them and that's what you'll find is given in most neonatal units.

After that, I've used the Tommee Tippee Cherry Shaped soothers. They're cheap and last for ages.

TBH, your baby will either spit it out or suck it. You might have to experiment with a few different ones to see which he likes.
We've always used Avent ones, I think they are silicone. Have heard NUK ones are not safe as bub can get the whole lot in their mouth.
i always use nuk with my newborns i think it depends on the baby, silicone is a lot firmer and latex is soft and suishy.
Hi there. My DS has used the nuk silicone dummies since he was born and took to them like 'a duck to water' as they say. Only trouble is that the silicone one's only do them until 18months then the next size up you have to move to latex. DS has made the transition ok but it took around a week for him to get used to them. The con's for silicone are that they tear quite easily and as soon as you see a little tear you must replace them, whereas the latex ones are a lot tougher. The main reason why people choose silicone is that some babies/people can have an allergic reaction to latex.
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i use the silicone, because i dont like the look of latex. but nuk have latex for 18months plus, so the baby can not chew through them as fast.

atm we use nuk, as i just think there the best lol. well on the back they say they are best for babies mouth. im hoping to get rid of the dummy for the 3rd time soon. but i just know he will start to suck his teddy again.
Hey, my DD uses the nuk shape ones (not sure what they are though) and they are silicone, she preferrs them over the latex ones though, the latex ones have an aweful taste to them. But, Heinz have the same shape teat and is alot safer for baby, and they are cheaper than the nuk brand, they also come with a cover that you can store it away when it is not in use... Good luck finding the right dummy smile

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