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Am i the only one that went to my mothers group and found it hard to click to anyone? It was a big group of 20 and 5 of us meet on a Tuesdays but im finding that im slack because i find it hard to talk about anything other than little Jacob....


Hi there.
When I started in my mothers group, I found it hard as I was the only one with a daughter. All the others were boys so I couldn't ask questions about the same sex child. Now that our kids are all older, we don't really care about the sex, and we just ask the questions, even if they seem silly. I have been involved with the same mums grp since my first was born (nearlly 4 years) and we still catch up once a fortnight or more. We call each other when we need to get out of the house.
Some of the other mums I found have different attitudes to the way their kids are taught but you do things your way and you will be satisfied. Don't be too scared to talk or ask questions, the information you get may help.
We have only talked about our kids so dont feel you are any different. We are just starting to find out when each of our birthdays are, so we can send cards to each other(how slack is that).

Hope you feel better

Tania,Vic,2 girls 4 1/2 yrs & 22 month old

Hi Natalie,
Just out of curiosity, how long have you been going to the mums group? Mine has been going for about 14 months now and apart from one mum who moved back over east, we are all still in it! We have formed some close friendships with each other and come to rely on each other for moral support, whether it be on the kids or the partner, family, work etc. We were all quite reserved to start off with as we didn't know each other at all, however as the weeks turned into months, we have gotten quite comfortable with each others company.
If your group is only new, give it a go and you never know, you might find out later down the track that the others felt the same way! By the way, talk does progress away from the kids slowly, but at first, that's all you talk about!! LOL!
Hope you find something that ends up working for you, I would hate to lose my new mummy friends now!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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