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2 Sleeps till Christmas Lock Rss

Yes thats right 4 sleeps till christmas and im glad today want my christmas day cause it would have been average to say the least

But i hope all of you who did celebrate Christmas had a lovely day, and to those who dont i hope you had a wonderful day too
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[Edited on 27/12/2007]
ok I might be a bit slow on the uptake but your post title is '4 days til christmas' but you posted on 25/12 - what gives?????

sorry edited to say you post title reads '4 sleeps to christmas'
[Edited on 25/12/2007]
YOu can edit it again if you like cause now its 3 days till christmas!! YAY!!

and i ment to say im glad yesterday wasnt my christmas day cause it was crap
Did the kids get pressies yesterday or are you doing the whole shebang on Saturday??

nope no pressies, doing it all on saturday

I said to K that i would rather have a big chrissie all on one day than having to half assed christmasses, especially when i have to go to work at 1 then go to work early the next morning
Yup I get ya. For sure and while theyre still young they wont know that chrissy was postponed a few days. Well I hope you have a wonderful belated chrissy on Saturday.

we certainly will, heading to the big smoke on friday, moo is going tomorrow, so tonight is pretty much my last night to get on here and chat for a bit

im off work for a week now too YAY!!
2 more sleeps yay!!

and one more sleep till we are off to the big smoke, too much to do today, who wants to help me??

well im off suitcases dont pack themselves,

and the dishes dont wash themselves, btu the dishwasher washes them, he he he
Hope you have a wonderful christmas with your family!

How time flies!!

thanks not long to go now, pressent wrappign tonight then off in tomorrow

cant wait not long to go now!!
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