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Hi there all. Are there any mums with close to 14month old and returned back to the workforce and trying to cope with work and home responsibilites and looking after baby? Please help!!!
Hi Saf,

My son is 2.5yrs old but I went back to work when he was 6 months. My husband took 3 months off and then we both were back at work. I have always worked full time and still am. I'm expecting number 2 in June and will work up until about 2 weeks before my due date. I'm taking another 6 months off before returning to full time work. This time around though, my husband will probably only be able to take 2 months off before it is back to work with him as well.

All I can say is make sure you are happy with who will be looking after your baby and make sure you prioritise things correctly. With us, we always ensure time spent with our son comes first and foremost. My husband helps out heaps which is great so make sure you get any help that you need.

Also, housework should be the last thing on your list of things to do. Do what you need to do and leave the rest. We vacuum and dust as often as necessary but those big jobs such as scrubbing the bathroom etc. wait until our son is asleep and we have some spare time. If it goes without a good scrub for a little while, then so be it! I make sure that our home is liveable but I'm not fanatical about making sure it is spotless.

It is initially quite hard but you will get into a routine which will mean you get the important things done and your child will look forward to the time that you spend with them.

Good luck!

hi there, my daughter is 13 months old and I'm back at work full time (I'm 30 this year). I went back to work part-time when she was 6 months old and had her in childcare, now that I'm back at work full time she is in child care for 3 days and at her aunts for the other 2 days. One regret I have in coming back to work full time is that I'm not spending more time with her, but then again some of us can't afford not to go back to work and as much as I love her, it is also good to escape to work and have that time away from her, my husband and I don't go out much so I actually look forward to going to work some days!! I am also very fortunate in that my husband is a great dad to Baylee, he baths her, feeds her, plays with her, does everything with her that I do and when I'm cooking dinner or something else he is taking care of Baylee, so I guess I can say that we are juggling work and home and toddler life quite well.

Mel, SA


Thank you for replying to my message. At the moment, Im finding it very difficult to clean & tidy around the house. I get home from work about 6-6.30pm and my daughter is very very clingy to me. She wont let me cook dinner, clean or tidy up. She wants me to be with her and play with her until she sleeps - which is about 9-9.30pm. By then Im exhausted, run down from work and when she finally sleeps, thats when I commence my home duties and cooking our dinner. My hubbie works until midnight so it makes things even harder. Sometimes I get frustrated when I start to tidy up, cook know my hubbie needs to eat, I need to as well.....and by midnight Im dead to the world. And if my daughter doesn't wake up thru the night I might be able to get 5-6 hrs sleep a night if Im lucky. Its so hard sometimes. At times I do really well and other times I dont. Any further advice?
Thanks for the reply. I sometimes my hubbie helps me a bit but not always. Most times I need to manage on my own. But I guess its always us women who take on more of a load. Oh well.....

Dont get me wrong, my hubbie is great with my daughter but sometime I wish he can do more. Any other advice?
you are both working and my opinion is if you are both working then all things are shared equally.
but in saying that since i dont work fulltime in my paid job, it feels like i should be living in the 50's cause now i do everything. its fun now but i'm sure i will get sick of it. so i think i will have to set a few ground rules . otherwise it will be too hard to re-train him when i go back to work.
athough hopefully i can get pregnant again and i wont go back to work

i'm 31 and have a 3 1/2 mth old. shes so cute. and is a very easy bub

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Saf,
I'm 34 and have a 13 month old. I'm currently looking for fulltime work.

I agree on letting the house work go, just do what really needs doing. In our house we usally wait till a time were we are both home (Sunday morning) and hubby and I BOTH vacuum/iron/wash and get it out of the way in the morning so we have the afternoon and the rest of the week together.

I will also cook something like a lasagna and freeze it in individual servings as it's easy to throw in the microwave or oven for dinner while I feed my daughter or bath her.
Hi Saf,

I wrote a really long reply to you and then tried to post but the wonders of the internet let me down, and my message disappeared! Anyway, will try and remember everything that I said.

* spend 10 minutes each morning making sure that the house was reasonably tidy (putting away toys, stacking the dishwasher etc.)
* Cook dinner once baby is asleep. Keep it simple.
* Keep some frozen meals in the freezer for those times when you are too exhausted to do anything else.
* On weekends we would vacuum and dust
* On the weekend nap when your child does on a Saturday as this will mean you will feel more refreshed to tackle other jobs on Sunday.

Hope this helps a bit.

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