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who else if FED UP with people saying...well it IS your first baby? Lock Rss

It is driving me crazy! For example I had to rush to the hospital with my (then) 10mth old son as he was unresponsive & listless, also had a high temp. The Dr on call (I live in a rural area) checked him over and pronounced...Viral infection...but said yeah yeah blah blah i suppose it IS your first baby...i have spoken to a few friends and they are just as fed up as i am with people saying this. Does it really matter if it's your first or tenth?

mum of 1

No it doesn't matter does it? I hate it when people go around patronising.

I have another take on the matter tho'.....when I was preg last year I had people asking me if it was my first...then after I had her I was asked if she was my first...the funny thing is...I actually have 4 children so you can imagine me going "No she's my 4th" and seeing their faces drop..LOL too funny!

Then a couple of weeks ago I was out shopping without any of the kids (night time) and there was this lady out with 2 kids that were both whinging and whining and we were waiting at the layby counter. She turns around and says to me...wait for it......"Don't ever have kids" Man I nearly peed myself laughing and she was looking at me strangly till I said "Too late, I have 4 already!". I find it kinda flatthering that people think I have no kids when I'm out without them (not very often admittedly)....gee I must be looking good then....not!!

Sorry didn't mean to hijack your post there Jo, your post just reminded me that's all.

Desiree, Qld

sometimes i'd love to say
1st, 2nd, 3rd ........... or cares.
if i want your nose i'll have plastic surgury
but please keep ur nose outa MY business.
then i'd ask to see their uni degree on parenting.
HUH!!!!! :-#

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

I'm reluctant to visit the doctors for this very reason! They think you're just neurotic when they of all people should realise how quick it can be that a bubs goes down hill when ill. It doesn't matter if it's your fiftyeth - if they're sick you're still going to take them to get fixed by the doctor! I think they all need to pull their heads in and get a bit of reality. However, don't let them discourage you. No matter how many kids you have YOU always know when something's up cos you can feel it in your gut. That's what I go by no matter what they say.
Hi all,
It used to drive me crazy also. I now have 3 kids, but as two of them are in school, and the baby is only 10 months, I still get asked if he is my first, as I'm usually out only with him (except weekends and after school).

The thing that drives me crazy now is, when they find out I have 3 kids, the seem to think that I am an experienced mother. This is not the case. My eldest is only 10 years. I may have a little more experience in being a mother to babies and young children, but I am yet to go through those dreaded teenage years.

Being a parent is always a learning experience, and I don't think it matters how many children you have, you will continue to learn for many more years to come.

Mother of 3, Qld

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Hi Tony,
I think parenting is a constant learning experience for life. I was the same with all 3 of my kids. My first was a boy...first experience. My second baby was a girl...first experience again. My 3rd baby was a boy, but is completly different to my first boy. He is a bigger eater, likes a dummy etc. I am still constantly learning, and will for many more years to come. That's the joy of being a parent.

Mother of 3, Qld

Yes Yes Yes!
But most of all I keep getting swamped with everyones "helpful" advice(which is mostly common knowledge) Eg: My mother rings me on hot days to make sure I am keeping my bub cool!!!!
I have to keep reminding these people that I'm not the simpleton they think I am.

Dest,VIC, 3mth baby

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