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i'm not sure where u would look, but u could look up old biblical names. or viking names.or try dutch names.

someone I used to know came up with the name oden but thats a boy. and it meant king or something similar i cant really remember the meaning.
his whole family had really unusual names

they had nilss.. rindt...brandt (silet d ) and they were all really nice ppl too

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try this website they have a very interesting variety.

Let us know how you go.

love steph

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How about

Gaia (mother earth)?
Gari (Northern europe name)?
Guinevere (i love this name)?
Galena (healer)?
Ganesa (Godess of intelligence and wisdom - hindi)
Ganya (Garden of the Lord)

Good luck hunting!! smile

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my daughter goes to preschool with a little girl called Genaya (pronounced Jen-ay-a). I am telling you she is the most gorgeous kind-hearted little thing you will ever meet and i love the name.
Hope this helps. I also beleive that Grace is a pretty name however maybe a bit too common.
Let me knw what you think of the name Genaya.

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What about Gypsy in all seriousness (BTW thats to you you big gooson)
we will never know why it had to begin with 'G'
one of lifes mysteries

Posted by: Tysmoo
What about Gypsy in all seriousness (BTW thats to you you big gooson)

Seriousness? What's that Nikki. I've had one too many Southerns to be serious LOL


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