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Yesterday I caught up with my friends from mums group (one has a 3 month old little boy) and I took her a bag of old clothes from our little boy mainly pumpkin patch and bonds clothes they were in really good condition! anyway the friend I was going to give them to said she had enough clothes why don't I give them to the other girl who has a little boy a couple of weeks old I didn't know what to say I really didn't want to give them to the other girl as we are not really that good of friends but I was stuck!

So I gave them to her and she said oh what sizes are they no thank you or anything!

Now I could kick myself even harder I should not have taken them over when the other girls were there! now I know!

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Sorry, but it sounds like your first friend really didn't want the clothes, she was probably stuck to and the first thing she thought of was to offer them to your other friend.

Did you first ask her if she wanted some used clothes before you physically offered them to her? Some people I think feel a little wierd about using second hand clothes for their babies. I mean, I have washed and stored all my son's little clothes for the next baby, but I am not sure I would want anyone elses.

I can understand why you didn't want to give them to the other chick, she could've at least said thank you. She must think that she's doing YOU a favour!

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