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Ripped off on e-bay?? Lock Rss

hello ladies,
I'm unsure on what to do, I am fairly new to the whole e-bay buying thing, anyhoo I purchased an item off a seller who had a heaps of positive feedback like 99-100% that was about a month ago and I've never received my purchase I have since done a search and it says that this person is no longer a seller?. Has this ever happened to any one? and if so what did u do?

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You need to report them. Did you pay using Paypal? Get onto it and don't take no for an answer. Let us know how you go!


This happened to my sister who spent $100 on a new pair of jeans. They were reported to ebay but she hasn't heard anything.

I on the other hand occasionally sell on ebay and I have had people bid and not pay and lo and behold you check their details and they have de - registered. Yes this is people who have had near perfect or perfect feedback ratings!

I have also bought a couple of things and have been unhappy with the condition they have arrived to me in and are not accurately described.

I would definantly report your problem to ebay.


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