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Cricket Widow Lock Rss

Well, its that time of year again.... I have become a cricket widow. This is my first year with a full cricket season and a baby....

Tuesday and Thursdays night for training with DH returning around 8pm - long after Mia is tucked up in bed. Saturday and some Sundays starting at around 11am and finishing around 6pm with DH returning home around 8pm.

Looks like the 'me time' will have to take a backseat - again.

I wanna cry already and it is only game number 1! :'( I liked having a bit of time on the weekends while DH bonded with Mia!

me too i have 3 to entertain today we had a maccas party some times the 2 older boys go to watch . too boring 4 me!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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