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I am feeling a little funny at the moment, I have been looking at all of the photos we have taken since our son was born, and there are literally thousands of digital shots of him. I feel sad because he has lost his baby looks, he's a little boy now so gorgeous, and I had a little cry because he is growing so quickly. It's that time of the month for me too, so I feel a bit sooky. By the time I know it he'll be in primary school.
I also feel sad because from the thousands of photos we have, I hardly have any with him and me and hubby together cos one of us is always taking the picture. I want to take some nice family shots professionally. Has anyone had these done yet?

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Hi firefoxy

dont be sad its great you have so many shots of your little boy. Ive just gone to have photos done with different different places. Pixi foto can be great for prices however they're slightly low grade photo shots. We got 7 different shot of scarlett and the total price was $380 for a massive set. We've been to GPF studio they do the baby hospital photos i didnt like the way i was treated there im expecting the photos in the mail sometime soon. Lastly Portrait Place seems to be the go with most mums me too!

But with any photos you get done its your own experience that will determine whether you like them and want to buy them. Also the more time you guys get to feel comfortable the better the shots will be.

Hope this was of little help

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Hello, I can really sympathise with you, our little boy just turned 2 and it is true that at this stage they lose their beautiful baby looks, but Ryan is turning into a handsome little boy and now has a vocabulary of about 30 words.

We had some family pixi fotos done at 23 months, because we are in the same boat as you we do not have any family here to take pictures of us, so yes it is very worthwhile, and there are many to choose from. Good luck

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