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The ads for Chrisco are on again.. Lock Rss

anyone signing up for them again?

I think I am too scared after their 07 fiasco.
I was actually thinking about using them, as I never have before. But after what happened last year,I don't think I will be!
I am just wondering why people use chrisco? My friend got a catalogue and said that you can end up paying up to 3 times what the products are worth! Is this right?

After there problems last year i don't think i would.

My Mum got them once and you do end up paying more in the end so what she used to do was put the amount away somewhere and bring it out at the end of the year and use it to go shopping with.

I also noticed with most of the food hampers you get a heap of things you wouldn't use.
I've never used them and wouldnt as I prefer to go to the shops myself but after what happened last Christmas their business is going to suffer. I heard 30,000 customers got shafted and I dont know if they've contacted those customers to apologise or give a refund but they would have done well to publicly apologise in a TV Ad rather than just come out advertising like nothing happened.
What actually happened? I know there was a lot on here that had boxes missing, was that the main problem? I have never used them, I like the excitement of the frantic XMas rush! Sick I know!!
They had some new ordering & delivery system which didnt work resulting in 30,000 customers either missing out or getting only some of their order and other problems... read about quite a few people on here not getting presents they'd ordered or waiting for their order (after being told it would be delivered) and it didnt turn up.
I have been a member of Chrisco for about 5 years. Last year was the first time that I have ever had a problem with them. I must admit at the time i was really annoyed with chrisco. Chrisco started a new labeling system however with this new system they ended up loosing half the hampers.
After 3 weeks of waiting for our lost chrisco hampers i spat it and got a full money back refund.

Chrisco have since sent me a letter saying sorry and offering a $25 credit on my chrisco account should I decide to go back to them.

Well I have decided to give them one more go. I do enjoy getting my chrisco hampers each year and the little extra pressies they put inside. However if it does happen again I will never return to chrisco.

Kate lots of probs with delivery and people not getting their hampers on time or at all in some cases. Some people got parts of hampers and not the rest. A friend ended up without their several hundred dollar meat hamper all together and had to go buy meat for xmas.

Some hampers also had expired food in them!

I would rather have a chirstmas bank account and put moey in there every week so there is money for food/presentsfor christmas. I looked at Chrisco once and it is a rip off IMO.

Steph- pretty sure Castle and Chrisco are owned by the same people.
What a shame for all those people that really rely on these hampers so that they can have a great Christmas.

Expired food! That is just pathetic!
hey im ordering through hamperking this year too much hassle with chrisco
Expired food

We had some expired food in our hamper however Chrisco had already sent us a letter explaining that they did not know at time of packing and to bin the expired food. The then refunded us the money for the food that was expired. I got this before we got our first hamper.

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