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Huggies Play Tunnel Lock Rss

Hi, I sent in my barcodes for the play tunnel last week (I think - maybe the week before) and just noticed that the play tunnel has closed, I checked before I sent them, and it was still opened.

What happens if they ran out of tunnels before my barcodes got there. Can I get the barcodes back, if there are no tunnels left? I haven't heard anything about if I got the tunnel or not, but I do realise it says to wait for 4 weeks for delivery.
Hey there I am in exactly the same boat I sent [email protected]@gies an email and I got a phone call back yesterday saying that they have now run out of the tunnels, So I said "but what about all my barcodes"? and the lady (who was really nice) gave me a ph # 2 call next time [email protected]@ies are having a promo I just ring and they will disregard the barcodes, and send me out whatever is on offer at that time. pretty cool I thought I was happy with that.

So just email them. smile

22 mths #2 due Sept 06

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