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  5. starting to get really annoyed at people for not taking ur advice when u know what u r talking about

starting to get really annoyed at people for not taking ur advice when u know what u r talking about Lock Rss

i dont know if ne one else here has this problem on this website or not ( not trying to accuse people of ne thing just need to get some stuff off my chest) or matter of fact with people u know/family or friends. when u give advice out and u know what u r talking about and really know what u r talking about but no one seems to take notice or looks at other people for advice when they have some clue at whats this person/people is asking.
i feel like i am just getting ignored and no one seems to care what the hell i think ne more. i give advive ive been thru a hole heep of things with my 3 yr old son. 3 operations in just the one year, so many speacialsts appointsments. my son sees 9 specialists thru out the year. so i do know somethings even though i am young at age. especially when its some medical questions. what should i do about speech therapists, my child is constipated what can i do iam worried about this worried about that. i gets on my nerve that no one seems to mention ne thing or says thank u for advice but other people seem to get it all the time. for once i would like to be acknowldge for a mother and not just someone who had a child at a young age. i do my best for my son that i can and especially when u have no idea whats going to happen to one day to the next.

sorry needed to have my say and if ne one has ne problems with it fair enough but everyone is allowed to have a grip ever now and then

i understand. i have had 2 babies now and I am also young. I have read like a million books and researched thinsg i wanted answers to so when i tell my friends with younger babies or having babies stuff they kind of look at me like//yeh ok" i mean fair enough i advise people to listen to everyone but do what they think is right, but I am just advising on what worked for me. I never tell anyone its the onyl way, i justtell them what " they say" or what wporked for me.
and good on u for helping others out!

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Hi Eeyore lover!
Personally I love little piglet myself!! LOL! I can see where you are coming from, for sure, however I also remember how I felt at the recieving end. I can remember when I first had my little sweetie where I felt like saying to people - "if I wanted your opinion / advice I would have asked for it!!". I felt like I had constantly had it crammed down my throat till I wanted to bite the other persons head off, no matter how helpful their advice was. Now I try to stop myself, as I do find I try to give advice to some newer mothers that I know. Then I stop and cringe, wondering if they are thinking the same as I used to!! Now I try to only give advice if I have been specifically asked about something as to how I did it.
However if you are getting the cold shoulder because of your age then I think that is just wrong. From what I can read you have had a fairly rough trot with your little one, and I think personally age doesn't matter when you become a mum, it's how you deal with the whole motherhood that shows who you really are. I know a 35 year old who doesn't deserve to be a parent, yet a 18 year old friend I would trust my little one with, and she has a 6 month old. (I am nearly 28 by the way!!)
If you keep getting this feedback from people who have asked for your advice, then I personally would have a "little" whisper in their ear to just let them know how much you do know, despite your age!
I hope you haven't been recieving it from this site though, as I have found most mums in here fantastic to talk to!
Good Luck in the future, I hope people take you for your experience in the future!
From a fellow Pooh friends lover!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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