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disgusting... i reckon anyway... Rss

hey everyone,
i had a visit today from one of the girls that worked at the hospital that i had bubs at.. anyway we started talking about breastfeeding and milk supply and she told me that she once visited this asian family of 9 that lived in a 2 bedroom home and the teenage mum (15) was breastfeeding her baby and when the phone rang she passed bubs to her MUM so she could answer the phone and then she (the grandma) started breastfeeding her daughters baby.
i know.. how could she breastfeed she wouldnt have any milk...? well she had 6 other kids and her youngest was still being breastfed !
anyway, after this lady kinda gave her a 'what the' look the grandma just said.. ' oh dont worry this is normal in our culture' !

what a joke, so gross !
Hmmm, I have to say, I am Asian and I have NEVER heard of this happening... well, not in the recent generations. I have heard about wet nurses in the past but haven't we all?

What I do know is that when my mum had me, bottle/formula feeding was the way to go... as most mums went back to work pretty much straight after having bubs and my grandmothers looked after me. When my grandma had her babies she was the ONLY one that breastfed her babies and she use to be able to do this while working - she was a tailor. She was an amazing woman who worked to feed her family... as well as looking after her kids while sewing clothes etc. She had 8 kids too. I have heard a lot of things that have happened in my grandmother's life that is cruel and practices that I would not practice nowadays but I have not heard of this happening.

I guess each to their own... I am pretty sure it is not a cultural thing! I have to agree, I would probably be 'put off' if I saw this too... if in fact the story is true.

I dunno, my mum breast fed my cousin (my sister and cousin are close in age) as my aunt didn't have enough milk.

And I'm not asian
There was a similar story in an article in my medical journal last year. The occupational therapist (OT) was working up in Darwin. She was helping an Aboriginal women who had a young baby. The mum had to put the baby down to go to have a scan or something so the OT picked up the baby to try to comfort her. Baby was screaming and wouldn't settle. An elderly Aboriginal lady offered to take the baby. She lifted up her top and let the baby suckle on her breast. There was no milk there of course but the baby just wanted to suck and fell asleep.
The OT freaked as she thought she would get into trouble for allowing this to happen to someone elses baby.
When the mother came back she said it was fine as in her culture it was a normal way to settle a baby.

I know friends of mine who are in the same family have breast fed each others babies and they are an Aussie family in Melbourne
I dont know if its a tradition to breastfeed someone elses child. I know personally i could never breastfeed someone elses child, But i guess each to their own.
i dont think id go as far as disgusting just different. if you think about it, it would be weird to breastfeed someone elses kid but ultimatelty whats the difference betwen feeding them another humans milk and feeding them another species milk(ie cows). not something that i would do though
I also think that this is not disgusting but rather a personal choice that people make. I would not judge others that have chosen to do this but i personally wouldn't do it. My mother fed another baby in hospital when i was born as the other mother had no milk and the baby refused the bottle but with my mum doing that it gave nurses time to wean the baby onto bottles and not allow him to dehydrate or put a drip in. Each to their own i say.
Ive heard of this before... not for a particular culture, but about grandmothers bf the babies too...

I wouldnt say its disgusting, but definately different and obviously not something for every one!

Personally, i would never let my mum bf my kids (that is, if she had milk!)... so personally i dont agree with it, but i guess its each to their own!
I would feed another baby in the event that the mama couldnt. I have given milk so the bubs didnt have to be put on formula as the mama couldnt express.

I dont think it is disgusting.

In Perth there is a milk bank for premmie babies as it is known that Mama milk is more helpful to them than formula at that stage.

I think it is just another thing that a lot of people arent comfortable with as you dont hear about it often.
I don't think its disgusting...
Very different...

I've heard of Milk Banks before and if people are happy to give it and happy to recieve it, then its great.

I think the idea of donating milk is fine, but I'm a bit weirded out by the thought of my baby sucking on another woman's breast....

i would express milk if it was for someone elses baby. would not put their baby on my boob.

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