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Hi all,

Not quite the right section, but want quick advice and the other threads are dead!!

I think my little man is teething, chewing like crazy, high temp (has come down with panadol), and occasionally hitting/patting juz behind his ears..

My question is about Nurofen...DS is 6.5 months old, and it says on bottle to get medical advice first if giving to bubs under 1 year..
Then it has a guide of amounts to give starting from 3-6 months,6-12 months & so on..

So can he have it or not???? Bit of a contradiction in information isnt it???

Anyway, what do all you other mummies think?????



DS1,5yrs,DS2 2.5yrs..I love my beautiful boys!!

Not sure. We gave it to our son after he was 6mths. And he was fine. If you are going to give it to him give it to him with some food or milk or something. Do you have any panadol?

I think it would be fine to give him, just make sure he has something in his tummy, milk or solids as it can give them a bit of an upset tummy if it's empty. Best of luck. If your still not 100% certain maybe you could give that health line a call?

should be fine.

just make sure he's got some milk in his tummy first.

im sure if u stuck to the recommended dosage he should be fine... otherwise it would be pretty pointless putting dosage instructions on it if a 6mth old shouldnt hav it lol!
I did with both my girls. I found it helped alot.

If you are realy unsure check with the chemist.
nurofen is fine smile the pharmacist gave it to me when cohen was 5 months old cos he was 'big' for his age lol nice!

Its pretty harmless but if you are really worried maybe just give him half the amount for now and see how he goes
It would be fine as long as he has something in his tummy and I tend to give the lower dose for the age group and since there are two that he fits into I would go the 3-6mth dose but thats just me, Im not a fan of medications. But one thing if bubs continues to hit or pull his ear get him checked by a Dr as that is a classic symptom of ear infection in little ones.
Hope he is better soon
Cheers Ness
i thought the same thing when i first gave it to my dd!!

not sure why it says that... maybe the ingredients in it some kids can be allergic to????

it did seem a bit silly... but i gave it to her and she was fine!! just give him a little bit to start with to see how he reacts if u are worried about it, but im sure he will be fine!!! ive been giving it to tayla since she was about 6 months old and it helps heaps with her teething!!!

does asthma run in you family at all? if so id definately check with a doctor nurofen can trigger asthma quite badly in some people thats the biggest thing i can think of with it because its the reason i wont use it. my theory is better safe than sory id check with a pharmacist or doc first if anyone in your family has asthma or allergies
Thanks all,
Would've replied earlier but had to attend to my little sausage..feed etc..
Just gave sum more panadol and he's sleeping now..
We have tried panadol, juz brings temp down, amber teething necklace, teething rings in the fridge, dummy in freezer etc..poor chicken..
Isnt overly grumpy but a bit off..he usually so happy..

I wondered the same thing with the ears, re; ear infection..but have heard they do that with teething also..
Either way, will keep a close eye, and if temp persists, will get his ears checked..

If he gets worse, will try nurofen also..lower

Thanks again,


DS1,5yrs,DS2 2.5yrs..I love my beautiful boys!!

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