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Super Mums???!! Lock Rss

In todays age there is so much pressure on mums to be able to do it a house, be a wife, raise and look after the children and have a career.

You see famous people and you read the articles praising how great mums they are but they forget to add most of these women have a huge support network and usually have things like nannies, personal trainers and chiefs etc.

In this weeks New Idea they show pictures of Pat Rafters wife out shopping and go on about how she is such a great mum. I have no doubt she is however they show her out shopping on her own. No children, no huge nappy bag, dress in black with no vomit or spit on her....LOL. Then they show her getting in her car holding shopping and talking on the phone saying how she is juggling her goods. Yet again no children in sight. I dont know about you but my idea of juggling is when my 3 year old is trying to run off in the traffic, my 5 month old is screaming for food, I am trying to pack the groceries in the car whilst folding up our stupid pram when the phone rings and its DH asking where I am!!??....LMAO

But to top it all off they then show her in the park meeting what looks very suspiciously like a nanny who has been looking after the children while she is out "juggling".LOL

I am sure they are a very lovely caring family who only do and want the best for their children.

I have read about Melissa Doyle (Sunrise), Antonia Kidman and even Cate Blanchete who all admit to having someone to help them.

Hey I am in now way criticising mums that can actually do this my hats goes off to you. I am also not criticising mums that do have help half your luck I am very envious and jealous. But media please please stop trying to make us other mums who arent so lucky feel like we are terrible mums for not being able to keep up with the pace. Being a mother is hard enough without having unrealistic expectations, and comparisions forced upon us.

I guess what I am trying to say I just wish they would cut us a bit of slack.

Does anyone else feel the same?
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