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Death of a pet Lock Rss

My MIL dog recently passed away and my 2 year old DS was very attached to her. He would always ask for her as soon as we get to MIL house, so how do we deal with this situation??? What do we tell him when he asks for her??

mummy of two

This hasn't happened to me... yet...

But I would be honest. I don't know how 'religous' you are but maybe something along the lines of:

"Spike has gone to heaven. God needed a new dog and Spike was the best."

My niece still looks up at the stars (we told her that her pet rabbit was now with God and made into a star) and says goodnight. She was 5 when it died and is now 9.

Hope this helps... I know it would be personally heart wrenching to lose one of my puddy tats and I am an adult.

I too would be honest and maybe explain that the dog has gone off to heaven. We had our pet budgie die when my DD was just over 2yrs old and I told her our budgie had gone to heaven and she excepted this and she would also look up into the sky at the stars and say about where her pet bird had gone to.

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