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WARNING-Phone Scam Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

About a month ago hubby came home and told me he had heard on the radio about a phone scam that people were warned about, at the time i didnt give it much more thought until i received a call yesturday, it was American accent i think a recording were they say that your family has been luckily selected for a florida holiday, etc,etc, and then you have to push 9 on your handset, if you do then they have access to your phone account where they can run up your phone bill and you are left to pay the huge bill that has been put on your own phone account, not sure exactly how they can do it but i didnt want to take the risk, i have caller id on my phone and it had shown up unavailable, so if you get this call, please just hang up or you might just end up with a very costly phone account.
Hey hon thanks for posting!! thats [email protected]@dy shocking! =gasp =gasp =gasp

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i had someone selling raffkle tickets for a charity i just hung up then next day same co. diff person dont they get it? next time i will say hold please and give the phone to the kids they like to talk on the phone

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