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I feel so sad.. Lock Rss

Just wanted to get this out - we have had a really crappy weekend. I fell down the stairs last night and hurt my ankle before going out to dinner so the night was ruined cause I was in a lot of pain.

Well that seemed to have healed over night (still a bit sore but not too bad), so we decided to visit DP's parents as his mum is going into hospital on wed for major surgery to remove cancer in her colon. Then we get there and there is an ambulance outside. But its for his dad who has had a major stroke and is in critical condition. To cut a long story short, spent most of the day at hospital with DP, MIL and my 10 month old DD. Basically there is nothing they can do for him and his chances of recovery are 0%. So I came home to look after DD and my mum came over for a bit as DP is staying at hospital tonight with his mum so they can be there for when his dad passes on. Mum has gone home and I feel really sad and wish I could be there for my DP.

Thanks if you have read this far - don't really expect a reply, just had to write to someone.


(((((HUGS))))) How sad.

You are there with them in their hearts darl. It is hard to have a littlie at the hospital especially if it is going to be a long night. Is there possibly anyone that can take care of your munchkin for you even for an hour so you can pop back to the hospital??
Big hugs love!! Could any of your family watch your bub so you can get to the hospital for a little bit? Or maybe a friend?
Oh blossom, so sorry to hear your poor family is having to go through this, big hugs. Is there any chance after you have got DD settled in for the night your mum might be able to come back (if she isn't too far away) to sit with DD while you go back to the hospital? If not I am sure yout DP fully understands you not being able to be there. I will be praying for your dear FIL tonight when I go to bed.

Take care

Oh sweets, im so sorry to hear that. I wish i lived near you cause i would take your DD so you could go.

Is your mum able to take DD for you at all. The you could go and be with your DP.

The only other thing you could do is wait until its nearly her bed time and head in then. hopefully she will fall asleep in the car for you and stay asleep so you can be with DP
Thank you for replying and thanks for your kind words. :0) Its a really tough time and I feel a bit helpless.

I was going to go over to the hospital, but DP felt I would be better at home with Hannah as she is a bit upset too - think she can tell that something is going on. Plus its a bit late here now unfortunately - cause its 10pm here in NZ. smile

I am hoping that FIL will hold on, as his other son is coming to nz from perth tomorrow so he can be there with him. Mum is going to look after Hannah tomorrow so I can pick him up and spend the day at hospital with them.

you and your husband's family are in my thought hugs to you. from my family to yours.

i''''m baking a baby

This is why I love this forum - when something goes wrong, you ladies are just the best support

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the support xx

Big Hugs to you and your DP's Family at this very sad time.

So very very sad.Thinking og y and your family.
I have seen many people do many amazing things when their life is drawing to an end.

While i cant guarantee that your FIL will hang on, many times i have seen people hang on while waiting for family, or the right time to move on to eternal life.

I pray your FIL has the strenght to do the same so you can be together as a family one last time.

please take care and we are all here if you need us
mate ...the same thing happened to my dad in 2005 is horrible just sitting there waiting for them to die .....seriouly is the most sinking feeling around !!

you are doing the right thing by staing at home ..I know this is really tough on you as you are alone .....but your hubby is going to need to tell someone about this and if your there you already know ......oh god that sounds stupid ...but I am sure you will know what I mean when and if the worst happens ..

I wasnt there when my dad took his last breath (I was out having a smoke was the very last smoke I ever had )but I am told it is not as peacefull and serene as tehy all say ...

I dont really know what to say ...except I am so sorry ...this is bringing back a few memories for me ...I am here if you need to chat ok ...this affects you just as much as your hubby .....

Big hugs going your way hun!

My dad had a stroke a few weeks before christmas, it totally crushed me.
He is doing great now though, still a long way to go, but way better.
I hope that your FIL proves that 0% chance of survival wrong. Fingers crossed, that this time next year you will all be sitting around the dining table, talking about how he got through it all.

Also, i totally agree with Frances, it is going to be so beneficial for your hubby to be able to come home and talk to you about everything that has happened, filling you in etc,, it will help him come to terms with it.

If you want to chat i am here aswell. xx

3 Little Ones to Love.....

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