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Xmas toys idea for 11 months old boy Lock Rss

I would like ideas for toys for my son. He turns 1 in Feb and the toys he received are too be used whole year round. My husband does not want my son to have toys - makes me mad! So i have arrange for my parents and brother to buy him toys for xmas and birthday. My mum will get him a bike/rider for his birthday - any ideas which is a good one?

Caroline Springs

Im not sure about the bike side of things but what im going to get Jake when he has his 1st b/day is a swing........


What about blocks? You can get some really great wooden blocks or colourful mega blocks. At this age, he may just cart them from place to place, then he will start stacking them and later will use them in other forms of play, eg tracks for cars etc. They are a toy you can use for many may years.

Jodie, mum to Jonesy & Logie Bear

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