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Was not happy!!!! Lock Rss

My husband and i were walking to our local shop to take back some movies. We came to the entry where people drive into the carpark. We looked over our shoulder and saw a red car but it didn't have the indercator on so we went to walk across. The car at the last minute decided to enter the carpark, took the corner wide going over to the exit side (lucky there was no cars leaving) nearly hit the curb and nearly took out the pram. I was ANGRY..... Husband just said let it go and we walked up to video ezy. I told him that i was just going to look around the corner to see if i could see the red car. Walked around and there it was so i went into the deli and there were 2 kids and a lady in there and i asked if the red car was hers and she looked up and nearly died! She said yes i then yelled at her in front of everyone 'do you realise you nearly ran over my baby's pram' and everyone was shocked... and i went offffffff at her and casually walked out. Husband walked in half way through and walked straight out again. This lady got the shock of her life that i went to the trouble of finding out where she was. But i dont think she will do it again. Im soooo careful and would hate for anything to happen. Please everyone when you go to cross anywhere please be careful.......

Does anyone have any stories?


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the same thing happened to me, i was crossing the road near a shopping complex, a bus thurned the corner and i was luckly enough to make it on the foot path, the buses didnt even want to slow down , there was a bus stop up the road so i ran to him and i started screaming at him, as i had the pram, he nearly ran us down, he turned around and said i should watch where i'm going, I THEN TOLD HIM TO GO....., how dare he!!!!
he has to give way to me, know matter what.

i was shaking after that, i couldnt imagine if any thing happened to my baby, he was only 1 month old.
Yes similar thing happened to me, I was standing next to our car putting one month old baby boy into car seat this woman drove in and hit me-don't think she saw me, dam blind if you ask me!!! I had car door open, I had pram in another parking spot though, I had just had a caesarean, and was still so sore and had hormones still rushing through my body, I yelled at her, she told me where to go!! So rude I thought, to this day I still shake my head, I did not even get an apology. Some people.

i remember when my 5yr old was a baby and we were at the cross walk at a shopping centre. i was crossing the cross walk and this car, which i thought was gonna stop, didn't and crashed into the stroller that briana was sitting in. some old guy who looked like he shouldn't even be driving hadn't even seen us. i was too shaken up to say anything but the lady crossing behind me soon did. lucky enough he only caught the front corner of the stroller and i was able to pull it back before briana could of been hurt. these days i triple check crossing the road and cross walks now. DH thought i was crazy at first but when i explained what had happened he now understands.
oh and briana slept thru the entire incident. i think she was about 8 mths old. the worse part was it might of been mitchell (then 3yrs) walking there instead of the pram and it could of been alot worse. i don't think i could of reacted so quickly if that was the case.

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