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What ever happened to good old common courtesy?
I worked full time up untill about 8 months pregnant travelling 1 1/2 hours each way on public transport. Not once did anyone ever offer me a seat on the train or tram, when the carriages are full at peak times I was concerned about getting squashed or poked in the stomach from the train being so full. Not to mention the lack of oxygen. waiting on the platform it was very obvious I was pregnant yet people would light up cigarettes next to me and I would have to be the one to walk away!!!

As I got bigger it was harder for me to stand up for an hour on the train and sick of the pushing and shoving of school kids and adults as well! in search for a seat i would stand back and wait for everyone else just for my own safety.
Anyway that is my two cents! please feel free to add yours!

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Hi scorpion I had exactly the same problem. I worked up to 8 and a half months as well. I remember complaining one day at work about not being able to get a seat and the comment was made typical men............ but there were women on that public transport too. One day there was even a women who had her child asleep across 3 seats and I was standing right in front of her with a huge belly. I use to get bad nose bleeds and I remember one day being on a city cat (like a ferry) and it was raining so it was really rough. In side the ferry was really hot as they are not air conditioned as they rely on windows. I was trying to balance my bag and coat and hang onto the handle at the back of the seats. I started to feel my nose run and luckily had a tissue in the pocket of my jacket........sure enough it was bleeding. Then all of a sudden a young girl came up behind my and said excuse me as she was trying to get past. I moved as forward as I could but obviously this was not enough as she said it even louder. I moved so far into the seats my stomach was in the face of the man in the seat (and no he didnt offer me his seat) she then started to yell at me. I turned around with blood running down from my nose trying so hard to not cry and asked her where would she like me to go pointing to me stomach.. I had to tell her it does not retract back in. She just walked off not saying a thing and still I was not offered a seat. If I was to stay home I would be labelled as a bludger so here I was trying to not be a burden to society and working to support my child & being treated like I was invisible. I was so big and very pregnant you couldnt miss me. I was paying a full fare and there were school children paying half that, half my age and not pregnant with a seat. The staff are just as bad as they should have done something about it. I found shopping centres and crowds were really bad as people would just walk right into me. Children would run right at me! They would have there bags bashing on my stomach even trolleys pushed at me. My husband didnt believe me and use to laugh when I complained about it. I took him with me one day and made him walk behind me, he couldnt believe it. In the end I only went with my husband and made him stand in front as he is over 6ft tall. But on the upside I was on the bus the other day and a pregnant lady got on. I was so determined she was not going to be standing I was about to offer her my seat when a young man across from me offered his. I was so proud of him!! Good to see at least one person was brought up correctly.
Hi Sandra,
I have to agree, whilst pregnant with my second a young man offered a seat to a young girl beside me but completely ignored me and my big pregnant belly!!! Go figure - he was trying to impress the young girl.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

Hello Sandra and Yonny

the same thing happened to me countless times on the tram I think it is absolutely disgraceful!

And young people like in there 20's are the worst and females too! I was so unimpressed!

Even when I was out shopping and stuff people use to nearly bowl me over I had to quickly get out of the way (as fast as I could with such a big belly)

It is a real shame people are like this but I hate to say it I can't see it improving!

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

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