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Any reasonable priced photography out there? Lock Rss

I had photos done for my son when he was 4 months old - 3 sittings - cost me $250. My husband was furious when he saw how much i spent. Yesturday i had them done at pixie photos - 7 sittings and they tell me it will cost $350. It is ridiculous. (i would buy them but my husband would hit the roof) Even though i will get a free photo, i still wanted to buy standard photo sizes to add to my son's album - but they do not have standard size and if i were to by 1 the cheapest was $50 for 10 x13". Is there any decent photography out there that won't break your bank.

Maria & Ethan (8 mnths)

Caroline Springs

Hi Maria,

Where abouts are you located?

April, NSW, 1 little girl & 1 little boy

Hi, we are located in Melbourne.

Caroline Springs

Hello, the cheapest and best in the long run is to buy yourself a digital camera and do your own shots, put up a backdrop such as silk or satin or sheet and whalla, you can then make them into sepia or black and white and do some different effects. You will never regret it.

Hi did you get the free photo?
Do you have a scanner. If so you can scan the photo and put it on a cd and go and get it printed at whatever size u like. Big W has some reasonable prices.


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