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Hi Everyone

My little boy (1 yr) absolutely loves Bambaloo. I would love to get him something Bambaloo for xmas but all I have been able to find is a DVD (which he already has). Does anyone know if they do soft toy or other merchandise? I have been on their website but it seems to be quite out of date.

Many Thanks
Hi Jossy,
My little girl loves Bambaloo too! She runs into the loungeroom and dances away to all their songs. It's the best 30 minutes I get while she is awake. So I am interested in other stuff too! Where did you get the DVD from, as I would love to get one for her.

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There's heaps of dvd's at target, and I have seen toys, i remember i wanted a fidget ! Now i'll just try to remember where i saw them-but they are out there somewhere.

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I too would love to know if there is any merchandise available.. Isabella loves this show especially jinx and gypsy the mice!! Its the only show she watches.

will keep an eye on this post, would love to buy her something for christmas...

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My daughter also loved Bambaloo, not so sure now, but I did see all of the characters in soft toys in Myers. Not sure if they still have them or not. You can always enquire. We have one DVD for her and looked on the website and they mentioned there was another. My husband tried everywhere for this DVD, then we found out that it didn't even exist, that they hadn't released it. What we then did, was when it was on TV we just taped it and kept one tape just for Bambaloo.

Hope you find some.

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how about the abc shop?

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