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Car Seat? Lock Rss

Hi All
Don't come here very often, but just wanting your thoughts on this?! My son is 9 1/2 months old and is in a rearward facing car seat, it says rearward facing up to 9kg (he is neary that), so should i turn the seat around for him? Is is safer for him to stay in the rearward positon unti he's one or???? Any opininons would be great.

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My daughter's 1 in two weeks and she's still in the rearward position because she hasn't hit the 9kg mark yet. I read in another post here about this same topic and the conclusion was that it's best to stay in the rearward position till the bub is 9kg. Hope it helps!!!!!

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i had to change my daughter from rearward facing a week before her 5 month mark. She was always trying to fight the chair to sit up and see her daddy and me. Drove me mad to hear her screaming and crying cos she wanted to see. Shes a big baby 8kg with great head control, I didnt like her lags touching the back seat either, she has long legs and couldnt stretch them out properly. It worried me to think being involved in a car accident her legs might break as the car seat flung back, I dunno maybe I'm just another paraniod mum. smile

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I've read that the centre is the safest followed by the passenger side.
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