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Family Tax Benefit part B as fortnightly payments Lock Rss

Hello Everyone

Does anyone receive the family tax benefit part b as fortnightly payments and if so can you please tell me approximately how long it took for you to start receiving payments?

thank you very much!

We were receiving our benefit as a lump sum once we filed our tax return but I said to DH the other night that wouldn't it be better since we are on one income and sometimes struggle to make it to the next pay to receive these payments fortnightly

Yes he said!



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

I get both A & B paid to me fortnightly as we are only on the 1 income, but we have always had it this way since having children never had it as a lump sum at end of year before.

I think once you contact FTO and sort it out with them, they would most likely pay it to you straight away but not 100% sure on that so best for you to ring and find out. I always have trouble sometimes getting through on their phone number its engaged alot so if you get this just send them an email to contact you as I did this and someone contacted me very quickly it was good.

Our payment works out well as it comes on our off pay week, so it always gets us through to my DH's payweek.

Hope this helps,

Hi Melly

umm ... after an annual payment you can request it come fortnightly there after. However i think you wont get anything until that year has completely finished, then 2 weeks after you should recive your payments. You will need to talk to FTO and organise to have fortnightly payments.

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

I get A+B fortnightly, but get it put into a separate high interest account i can only access over the counter. I used to get it in the everyday account but it just gets eaten up. Now it's there if we need it, and earning us a little bit extra too.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

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