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no no duromine is way better than reductil i heard on duromine you lose 14kg in 2weeks

mum to 2 girls and one little man with ASD and ADH

Thanks everyone,

I've let her know, not that she needs it in my opinion. A doctor wouldnt prescribe it unless they thought it was needed would they?

lets hope not

thanks again
you got to be very over weight to get it

mum to 2 girls and one little man with ASD and ADH

mummyto3cuties duromine may give SLIGHTLY better results then reductil but when it comes to side affects and the potent ingredients reductil wins hands down, duromine has been proven to have negavtive affects on brain cells, and long term affects on the heart... no word of a lie..
i've lost 63kg most which i lost on reductil.. it cost more, but its safER
SORRY i was only typing what i was reading on a mums site.reductil and duromine are only short term weight loss things better to do it on weight watchers i have tryed redcutil in the past did lose same weight as soon as i stoped it all went back on,peggynbindy have u mantained the weight u lost all u still on reducitl thats a fantasic weight loss.

mum to 2 girls and one little man with ASD and ADH

Peggynbindy that is a great loss. Well done. My sister has lost nearly 15kg on Reductil and is doing so well.
Holy crapamoly... 63kgs... that's more than my whole body fully clothed in winter and weighed down with boots. I'm just trying to imagine disappearing.
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