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Hi hope this is ok to put this in here. Listen I am in the beggining stages of starting up a Community Help centre for mums with babies aged 0-6mnths. I am just after some feedback from other mums about whether you would have or would in the future use a centre like this.

A few facts:

The centre is a Time out place for mums.
Its run only by volounteers and is non profit.
It is situated in a church building.
It will be open from the hours of 6am - 10am then 2pm till 6pm. This is because as a new mum with a baby that had colic and reflux these were my main hours of distress and need of time out.
So what we provide is someone to take your babe for 1-2 hours while you -
A-sleep in beds provided with peacefull music
B-watch a movie and have a coffee
C- sit down and chat (vent, yell, cry) with other mums and support people.

The great thing about this centre is you can just rock up - you've had a bad night and its not getting better so you chuck everything in the car (trying not to throw babe in the car!!!) drive down and take a break. no questions asked - no cost - no worries all volounteers are mums themselves so your babe is in good hands. We will also have a health nurse on 90% of the time incase...

sorry so long winded still heaps more i could tell you but that is the jist of what is just for the mums never alone the babes.

any feedback would be much appreciated. Hope to have this up and running in the new year on Brisbane northside.

Sorry for any mistakes with spelling - brain going faster than hands LOL

Rayleen, QLD, 2yr old baby

Sounds fantastic!!!
Only wish i had somewhere like that in the first 6mths(i did go to riverton for a week which was great)
Go for it & good luck
This will really help alot of new mums smile

That is amazing stuff !!!

I think others may be interested in starting some-thing with your guidance (once your up and running) in other states.

I would volunteer for some-thing like this in a heart beat. Good on you 'Rails! and best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hell yeah! What a sanity saver!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

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