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DH & Worlds Greatest Shave...please help Lock Rss

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you girls know that my gorgeous DH is doing the Leukaemia Foundation's Worlds Greatest Shave and needs your support.

I also said that if he raises over $2000 I too would shave my head!!! I know, what was I thinking? Especially since I don't like the cold and where we live I am already wearing my winter pj's and sheepskin slippers!

Anyway, all donations over $2 are tax deductible and its for a great cause. So please have a look at his page and sponsor if you can. Thanks in advance girls.

Lis rofile.php?id=395753

[Edited on 14/02/2008]

Mum to Jack 8, Zane 3 & Angus born 06//09/07

I've already donated to my DH's cousin who is shaving her head- it is such a great cause.

Good luck with raising that money - oh and to you and your DH having your heads shaved,lol.

Last year my DH shaved his head and for an extra $200 shaved his eyebrows off too- it made for some freaky photos!!!! Thank goodness it was a couple of weeks after our DD #3 was born,lol.

thanks for your support. DH wanted to do it last year but it was 6 weeks to our wedding and, as you can imagine I said "NO!".
We need as many sponsors as possible so please feel free to tell your friends. Remember if he raises $2000 I too will shave my hair!!
Thanks again!
Lis smile

Mum to Jack 8, Zane 3 & Angus born 06//09/07

Bump! We need all the support we can get for this wonderful cause!

Mum to Jack 8, Zane 3 & Angus born 06//09/07

good morning,
DH is running out of time to reach his target! If you have $2 to spare and a few minutes to check out his shave page he can reach it! Please think about supporting this very worthwhile cause.

Thanks in advance!

Mum to Jack 8, Zane 3 & Angus born 06//09/07

I just wanted to say thnaks to the couple of girls who are sponsoring my DH in this cause. It is very much appreciated!
Lis : )
PS There is still plenty of time left if you'd like to help out! Also if you don't have a credit card email me with your address and I will send you our bank account details. I will then post you a receipt via the mail!

Mum to Jack 8, Zane 3 & Angus born 06//09/07

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