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The Natural Child... attachment parenting etc Lock Rss

I have just purchased "The natural Child" By I can't remember who, and "the no cry sleep solution" By Elizabeth Pantley.

OH MY GOD IT IS SOOOOOOO REFRESHING to finally read in print something to justify the way we have been parenting our baby son for the last 6 months. We NEVER let Logan cry at all, not even to sleep, always pat him to sleep, feed him when ever he wants, pick him up when he needs it, let him sleep in our room and sometimes our bed, and basically do what feels "right" to us. I have read heaps about controlled crying/comforting, listened to endless lectures about how he should be sleeping through and have a super strict routine, how you should discipline a child etc and none of it has ever felt right to me. (Please don't get me wrong - if you are comfortable using these techniques and they have worked for you then that's great).

I know i shouldn't need to justify natural/attachment/empathetic parenting, however with all of the pressures of society and people telling you to do this or that, it was so nice to finally read in print that what we feel right doing is a perfectly natural way to raise a healthy happy baby/child.

Who else is parenting this way, and what have your experiences been like? I would love to hear from other natural parenting mothers (and fathers) and about your experiences.

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

Logans mum there is a natural parenting website that you might like.

Its a good website with majority of mums/dads doing natural/attachment parenting.

if you want the site email me at [email protected]

Thanks Robyn

Robyn Cody May 03 and Marli June 05

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