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What to wear swimming? Lock Rss

There is probably a post somewhere already re: swimming, but I'm curious as to what people put their babies in when they go swimming (the weather is getting warmer)? I know there are the 'little swimmers' but how effective are they at keeping accidents in, and not getting waterlogged??? My daughter is 5 months at the moment. Any suggestions please?

I take my boy for swimming lessons every week and he is 10 months old, i put him in the disposable swimmers and he has never poohed in them as i can guarantee he always does a pooh before i get to the pool (lucky 4 me), but i find that the disposable little swimmers are tight on them and i do not think that little poo poo's can get out, i could be wrong but thats just what i think. Getting them off could get messy though, but i always take at least 2 pairs with me just in case, hope i've helped, hopefully someone else can help u too.

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Am trying to post, but keeps coming up with this message!!

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I put my daughter in a swimmers nappy and a little rashie when she first started swimming in the beach and it does hold in the poos but not the wees. I think they are really great though and if they do a poo you can just tear the sides and it is easy to take off and clean up.

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emmy's mum you must have read my mind!! lol!! my lil boy is nearly 2, and i was jus thinking today with the HOT melbourne weather, what would i put him in if we went to the beach or the pool to cool off!!

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Hi Emmy's Mum

If you plan on taking your daughter to swimming lessons at a State Swim or equivalent, I would suggest you ask them.
We started taking Lachlan swimming when he was 7 months old at our local State Swim and they said they actually preferred the babies not to wear nappies. Accidents are easier to spot without the disposable nappies and they use a scoop and remove it from the pool immediately, rather than having a baby with a pooy nappy swimming around for 30 mins...yuck. In the beginners water babies class about half the parents put their babies in the little swimmers, the other half didn't. In the advanced class I think there is only one child who wears a nappy.
Not once has a child done a poo in the water either!
Clothingwise, Lachlan just wears a pair of boardies, he used to wear little trunks though when he first started cute!
Enjoy swimming with your little girl, it really is great fun!!

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Hi Rach,
We used the swimmers from hugg!es which are really great, but if you plan on doing a lot of swimming it might be a good idea to look for one of the washable swim napp!es that you can usually get from the pool kiosk, Kmart, Target, or a swim shop. We have recently moved to a house with a pool and have taked our girl in quite a bit lately, so we are going for that option. She has never pooed in probably the 60 times we have put her in the pool in her short life so far! They only cost around $20 - $25 each, and a pack of the hugg!es ones are about $14 for a max of 12.

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I have always put Lachlan in Huggies Little Swimmers. They are great. He also wears bather shorts and rash top which I bought at the anti cancer council shop. If you want to try the Little Swimmers before buying a pack, pick up a copy of the November Melbourne's Child as it has a token to send into Huggies for a free sample. (If you can't find Melbourne Child anywhere ring your Maternal and Child Health Nurse as she should have them).

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