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Strangers say some funny things Lock Rss

I know everyone gets the "he/she looks just like ...."Here's as twist.

Out shopping with tribe and someones gran stops us to chat. (A twin pram just seems to have that effect). After a little bit she looks at bubs, then DH patiently not pushing pram, then back to bubs, then back to DH, then to me and says "well don't need Springer here".

I thought it was funny but when I have retold it some people thought I should have been offended. Life's too short, as far as I'm concerned the glass is half full.

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I think it's funny! Especially as my partner has people look at our first daughter (pale, blond, blue eyes) then at him (olive, black hair, and hazel eyes) and say 'gee, are you sure she's yours? There's nothing of you there!'

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