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please help me - The Kaden Bill (sensitive issue) Lock Rss

Further to the NT Government not allowing us as parents to choose the right to receive a Birth and/or Death Certificate for our precious ~angel~ baby ~Kaden~ Please help us further with The Kaden Bill by signing the on-line petition below. The more signatures we can gather the better for not only us but other families who have been in this situation and for future parents. This matter concerns ALL Australians not just Territorians. Please understand this isn't to make receiveing a legal birth and/or death certificate mandatory, it is only if the parents choose to request one.

I could really do with your support and the support of your wives/husbands, family, friends and co-workers. A big thank you to those who have already put your names on the petition and made comments. We can't thank you enough.

Please forward this link to everyone you know................ it only takes 1 minute to do. This includes any forums you may be a member of, any chat rooms and everyone in your address book etc.

Your support is really appreciated.

The entire story of ~Kaden~ can be viewed on his website please free to light a candle in his memory or leave a tribute also. We have managed to achieve change within the Royal Darwin Hospital with the way we were treated, now we need your help with supporting our choice on obtaining a Birth Certificate. Please note that ~Kaden's~ website contains sesitive photos of him. The front page starts with the most recent information, the start of our nightmare is on the bottom (from when we were forced to walk out through accident & emergency with his tiny body in a kidney dish)

Fiona Peters & Craig Redriff
Darwin NT

In loving memory of angel ~Kaden~ Craig John Redriff 26th March 2007 - The promise of the future denied
You have my full support.

consider it done.

RIP Baby Kaden.

I have signed and forwarded it on. I hope it brings a change in the laws.
I have signed it too along with my husband.
Our deepest sympathy to the family of baby Kaden.
I have signed, and wish you luck with the outcome.
I have signed it, and passed it on
My husband and I have both sighned your petition and I wish you and your family all the luck love and happiness from this time forward !!

RIP little one ...your are indeed a loved little man !!
Signed. You have my full support
i too, have signed and forwarded.

may your precious angel baby forever rest in peace!
My partner and I have both signed your petition and I will pass it on to everyone I know. This is a subject very close to my heart, as we only have a cremation certificate for our dear little angel, because of the same legislation she was not deemed to be 'a baby'.
[Edited on 02/03/2008]

Have just signed your petition and have pass it on as well

My partner and I have also both signed this and I too forwarded it on to all my non Huggies contacts. RIP little angel. I hope your mummy and daddy are successful in this challenge of legislation.
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